Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The chickens want to come into the house

Well. . .only one of the chickens, actually, Sunny.  Sunny likes to hop up onto the back porch and peck at the storm door.  Or hop up on the railing and peck at the kitchen window.  This is funny for about the first minute and a half and then it is not as funny.  (Liam disagrees, he thinks it is funny EVERY SINGLE TIME.)  One of my new big fears is that Liam will let the chickens into the house.

Camera update: it is sort of working; sort of not.  It seems to be on it's own schedule.

When Liam is not wishing to welcome Sunny into the kitchen, he is the self-appointed Person In Charge of Removing the Chicken from the Back Porch.  This also, apparently, never gets old.

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