Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Camera broken, chicken TV, update

That's about it.  My camera is broken.  For reals.  I'm not decided what to do about it yet.

Liam and I spend a huge amount of time looking out the windows at the chickens scratching and pecking in the yard.  We call it chicken TV.  I can't figure out why it is so fascinating (also calming), but I can easily spend 15-20 minutes just watching them, preferably while drinking a strong cup of coffee.  (I recently got some coffee from here -- wonderful.) 

When we're not watching the chickens out the window, we're busy with work and school.  With Spring starting to show signs, we're also busy getting seeds started (I finally bought one of these, my gosh, why have I waited so long, it is awesome), going to our local native plant sale, and planting the plants (and then re-planting the plants after the chickens scratch them up). 

The vegan's neighbors have some tiny goats and one of the goats had a baby and, oh my gosh again, the babies of tiny goats are very tiny and yet, still, very goat.  It can maybe walk about two and a half steps before it leaps into the air and has to caper about.  Liam is entranced by it -- just entranced.  He wants to visit it each weekend.  He and Shane run around the pasture playing with the goats and I stand around watching not taking pictures and getting cold and colder.  I need to become better friends with Shane's neighbors so I can watch from inside the house.  Preferably while drinking coffee.  (Liam has told everyone at school that he taught the baby goat to climb on rocks, and while I'm not sure this is exactly accurate, they do chase each other up over all the rocks in the pasture.  The baby goat just knows Liam wants to play with him and is all for it.)

Our maple tree tapping experiment using whatever we could find around that looked like it might work has not worked.  The "real" maple tree tapping equipment arrived by mail today.  More later on that, assuming we haven't missed the season here out west.

Liam is going through a puzzle phase and can now churn out 100-piece puzzles pretty much all by himself with minimal frustration.  He prefers a solar system theme -- still. 

I have some friends on the interwebs that are going through hard times.  One just lost her mother.   Another is going through a very scary, scary early pregnancy with a much wanted child and fearing miscarriage.  If you're reading, I'm thinking of you.  Sending love.

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