Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hmmm.   I put this picture set together back in December, but it got lost.  Yesterday's post reminded me.

At glass beach to get to the beach you can jump/scramble down from a fairly low spot or clamber down these rocks.  We got on to the beach from the low spot, but Liam wanted to take the rock route out.  He was very serious about doing it all by himself.  Here is Auntie Chris spotting him and Liam directing here (loudly) "I can do it."  He knows where her foot is and he is not taking any of it.


So, up, up he went; it's maybe 30 feet?  I don't know, I'm pretty bad at these estimates.  Like a lot of little kids I see climbing on stuff, Liam tends to want to hold on with his hands over keeping his weight on his feet.  We work on it: "Stand up!" I say, "Stand on your feet."  This is the only rock climbing advice I've ever been given in my (very) short climbing career.  Good advice under almost any circumstance though, I guess.

Not steep, but there is a little, tiny bit of exposure once you come out near the top; and he did great with it all and was so, so proud when he popped over the rim.   


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