Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pizza Friday -- 1/6/2012 Edition

This week for pizza Friday Liam wanted to have a party.  The key elements of this were decorations and cake.  So, Thursday night we made a chocolate cake and wrapped it up tight.  While I was at work on Friday morning he and the babysitter blew up about 25 balloons and hung them all over the house with streamers.  Friday afternoon when I got home, after we made the pizza dough, we made some chocolate frosting.  The vegan (bless him) brought ice cream, which, of course, he doesn't even eat, and we ginned up an ice cream cake.  We also ate, again, this kale salad because I simply cannot get enough of it this time a year.  (We make it without the cheese.)

Mostly though we enjoyed the balloons.  And the four-year old.  And the pizza.


Mad Hatter said...

How lovely, Elizabeth! Love the description and the video, too...wish I lived close enough to be invited to such a party! :)

Eb said...

Oh cool is that! Love it!

Sandrant said...

We're having a birthday party for Anna's favorite doll tomorrow night! :)