Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boat Naming

This weekend we went down to the boathouse to be present when one of the boats was renamed in memory of Will.  It was lovely, but terribly sad for me.  Will and I met rowing and he spent (at least as I knew him) many/most of his happiest and most productive hours coaching for the club.

My parents had won the rights to name this boat by means of a (large, very generous) donation to the club at a fundraising auction that I used to organize every year.  They had planned to name it for Will then (he was in chemotherapy at the time and had just shaved his head, I remember it as if it were yesterday), but Will declined since, in his words "I'm not dead yet."  So, now it's done.

I miss rowing, but it's hard to see how I can go back to it any time soon.  Already Liam is too much in various forms of child care because of my work. For a few more years I'll be happy with the occasional row and more regular workouts on the indoor rowing machine.

That's the news from here.

I'm traveling for work these next few days (Man, the air east of the mountains is cold and dry!) but have some catch-up  posts from December and holiday events coming later in the week, I think.

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