Sunday, May 22, 2011

A small weekend away was had

I unexpectedly had a work meeting take me to Friday Harbor in the San Juans last week.  On Friday.  So, Ann and Doug were kind enough to keep Liam an extra few days so I could have a small weekend away.  On the beach. 

My family spent so much time on the beach and in the islands when I was a kid, it's always like going home.  Waking up to the water going crash, crash is the best sound ever.  And the late, low (almost) summer light is magic.

This is approximately half (or maybe a third) of what you end up with when you ask a 6 foot 2 vegan to please be in charge of food.  For pity's sake.  I see, hummus, tofu something, beer, kombucha, chocolate nibs, lentil sprouts, grapefruit, garlic powder (for the popcorn), popcorn popper. . . ..   I guess the actual vegetables were already back in the car with all the other stuff getting ready for the ride home when I took this picture. . ..

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