Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Outdoor Play Kitchen

Stay home day today -- so when not trying to shoe-horn in work, Liam and I:
  • Picked up the dog at the kennel, because I got stuck at the office late yesterday and forgot, that's right, forgot to go get her after work.  When driving home Liam was nattering about moving his railroad track to somewhere where Mollie wouldn't knock it over and I said "crap, I forgot to get Mollie" and pulled over and called the kennel.  No harm done.  She loves it there; they take her on trail walks every morning.  I guess we're officially looking for a new home for the dog.  She's just too much for me. And I'm not a dog person.  I'd like her to have a family that is more dog-oriented.  Hear that universe? 
  • Oil-changed the car.  Finally.
  • Grocery shopped, except I have already thought of things I forgot.
  • Went to the old house (now rented) and checked things over since the renters are moving out, and measured two of the windows that had lost their seal and are still under warranty from the great house remodel of 2002.  Sent the measurements away to where they needed to go. 
  • Had the neighbor boy over to play for about an hour -- trains, airplanes, garbage trucks, cranes! 
  • Made this small, mud-pie outside play "kitchen" and broke it in.  No sawing required (or at least none done).
  • Made cinnamon rolls (unrelated to the above and inside, in the real kitchen); still working on perfecting the whole wheat version.
  • Got Liam's hair cut -- at the neighbor's, she cuts his hair (and mine) she's great.  (Photos are from before the haircut.)
All I can say is: Ta-Da!  Day over.  Back to work tomorrow.

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