Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day

Please excuse the crummy photo, taken with my (also crummy) cell phone. 

Today Liam and I came home (late, I had a work dinner) to May baskets on the front porch.  So. Very.  Sweet.  Did you do that when you were a kid?  Make May baskets?  We did and ran them all around the neighborhood every year.  So, Liam learned the May Basket Song, and I had the following conversation with our across the street neighbor when I went out to get the mail and he was getting in his car to go somewhere.

(Shouted, in a neighborly way.)

Me:  Hey!  Do we have you to thank for our May Baskets?
Him: May Baskets?  Don't look at me.
Me: Really?
Him: Wait? Small baskets of flowers? I might have heard something about that. You ring the doorbell and run?
Me: Exactly, it's good practice for all kinds of things.  Thank you.

I love my neighborhood.  I am so blessed and lucky and thankful to live here, with these good people all around me.


Kay said...

You do have wonderful neighbors and the baskets are beautiful!

Eb 40+ said...

I have never heard of May baskets - they sound lovely! What a great place you live in.