Saturday, April 30, 2011

Behind. . .and the Procession

There are little things and big that make me know I live in the right town for me.  I've lived other places; and thought about living other places again.  But, when I reflect, I know that this crazy little place, near the sea, in sight of the mountains, small enough to walk around, this is my place.

The Procession is one of those reinforcing things.  Here's basically how it works: it's a parade, it happens around Earth Day each year, nothing motorized is allowed, it's human powered in all ways, there is a community art studio leading up to it and people make these costumes, the bands are all rag tag, anyone can march, and at the end, everyone who hasn't marched so far falls in after the last band and walks the rest of the way to the end where there is a big party.  That's it.  Actually, the Procession always makes me cry because it is sweetness and community in the way that just breaks your heart it is so perfectly, genuinely human.  You could have one in your town too. . .and I hope that you do, really, it is a treasure.

We start with the city closing off the streets and passing out sidewalk chalk so all the streets are decorated.

Then the parade starts.  This year featured lots of little kids (as usual), bats and a bat cave, a really bid spider, birds, a razor clam dig, and whales, jellyfish, zebras, lemurs and others (not pictured).  Priceless.

Mommy and Liam watched the whole thing:


mekate said...

Oh my! It made me teary just hearing about it!
I love the idea of that kind of community. Love seeing you there!

I am ready for a long slow cup of tea
an afternoon on a porch swing
deep breaths that don't catch
and some feeling of falling forward into something good. join me?

Sandrant said...

I love that picture of you and Liam (last one, with you both in green).