Sunday, April 3, 2011


A day of almost no rain today.  Astounding.  We've been breaking all records for cold and rain.  It has been rain, rain, rain, rain.  Serious rain, the kind that falls as snow in the mountains one moment, and on snow in the mountains the next; and causes lowland flooding.  

Despite this, we have peas, kale, fava beans, shallots, romaine lettuce, and carrots up in the garden.  Strawberries putting on the green.  Rhubarb looking huge and bright and prehistoric.  The season changes despite itself.

And today clouds but no real rain until now, and a very slow walk to the park, filled with dandelion after dandelion until my pockets were stuffed.  And Liam said "Mommy!  Where did all these pretty flowers come from?  Where?"  And I said they came for the spring sweet boy, they mean it's finally coming on to be spring.

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