Sunday, March 27, 2011

The zoo. . .

Liam went through a zoo-making phase this weekend.  He also was delighted, delighted to be addressed as "zookeeper" and to tell me all about the animals. 

"Well, this Lion. . .this Lion, see, he has a big mane, that's his hair; and he has a long tail with this black puff at the end, and his toes are black too and his tummy is very round. . .it's very round see, because he has been eating hay."

Note that when you are the zoo keeper it is important to use your binoculars (backwards) to get a good look at all the animals.  My job was to help make the animal houses and to occasionally intervene when the real animals tried to play.  "Mommy!  AGGGGGGAHHHHH!  Mommy!  Pixie no, NO, NOOOOOO.  Mommy. . .HELP!"  (Pixie is the cat; she is too big for lion houses made from blocks and a hazard to the lion fence too.)  My job also was to pretend to sleep and then wake up and sing the zoo song (you know the one)* and then go to the zoo to be given a(nother) tour by the zoo keeper.

Also this weekend: we successfully walked the dog with no yelling and no crying, which is a very big success.  Did lots of swinging on the swing even though it rained most of both days.  Filled in the Very Big Hole dug by the dog and continued with the gravel-moving-bootcamp workout.  Made carrot raisin cookies, so good.  And took a trip to urgent care because Liam "bonked" his eye on a cardboard box and (as it turns out) scratched his cornea slightly.  (He is fine; will be fine.  Mommy almost had to start drinking after having to help strap her screaming baby into the papoose so his eye could be examined.) 

Here's how Liam explained what happened to the doctor: "Well, Mommy was brushing her teeth and I was on my Auntie Chris' couch, I mean her beddie, and I wasn't looking where I was going and I bonked my eye on a box." 

"Wasn't looking where I was going" is all his own explanation;  my word was accident, as in "You accidentally bonked your eye and it hurts."  He was so brave about the whole thing.  Afterward he said to me: 
"Mommy, I really didn't like that special beddie to help me hold still."   "No, you didn't like it; I didn't like it either, but we had to help you hold still so Dr. Karl could get a good look at your eye." "Yes, we had to do it."  (My description of the papoose; special beddie that helps you hold still, which I thought was pretty good considering I had all of 45 seconds to come up with some way to explain what was about to happen.)

Love and light to my old friend Fred tonight who is (I hope) getting ready to be awakened from his second heart transplant.  What else to say about that.  Go Fred, I wish you many, many more happy years and blessings, peace and comfort to the donor family. 

*This was the best? only link I could fine on YouTube, and it's a cool live recording but not as nice an arrangement for singing as the zoo song we grew up with.

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mekate said...

Oh sweetie, so sorry about Liam's excitement (eyeball) and prayers for your friend Fred.
And you, love, you are in my thoughts every day even though I'm quiet these days. Trust me,quiet on the outside but roaring head on the inside.

I think your carrot cookies sound divine, do we get a recipe?
Tonight we sit surrounded by boxes, from initial sorting and simplifying getting ready for whatever my be next. But the house is decidedly in the coming apart phase of the project, and the coming together part seems impossibly far into the future.

I know that sometimes things need to come apart, but I HATE this, hate it. Hate it. Hate it.
and that simply does not matter except to my belly and brain and heart. Reality is winning anyway.

but, imagine new snow, perhaps the last of the season, and big wild turkeys stalking through the yard, the toms are all wild feathery displays, wings down, tails fanned,
irresistable to some I am sure.

cloudy tonight
no stars
and me, late for be.

off I go.
sending love,