Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A small trip was made

We visited my sister in Monterey, CA last weekend.  It was lovely.  Just lovely.  Sunny and warm (especially compared to here), and the ocean, oh the ocean, my favorite place always.  She is close to the beach.  We aquarium-ed; walked in the nearby nature reserve ("Mommy!  I went on two hikes in one day!); went to the beach, put our feet in the ocean and marveled at waves, rocks, purple and pink seaweed, and hermit crabs; picked up shells; watched seals, sea lions, otters; ate breakfast out. 

First airplane ride for the small one and he handled it well; handled it all well, and so far as I can tell had a wonderful time.  Thanks Auntie Chris.  We'll be back, I hope.

Photos are: airplane; kelp forest; the blue pool on the second "hike"; Auntie Chris and Liam come up  the hill on the first hike (He went all the way down and all the way up the pocket beach you see at the bottom left is the beach he is throwing rocks at in the second photo); Liam throws rocks at the bottom, first hike; Mommy and Liam look at a tide pool.

Unrelated: I started a 30 day on-line guided vegan project, I guess it's a project, yesterday and I don't have enough words to say how impressed I am with the materials and how much I am enjoying this change.  Thank you Heather.

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Mad Hatter said...

Gorgeous photos, Elizabeth (as always)! So glad to hear you had a nice getaway. You continue to inspire me with all that you do - you are an amazing mother.