Friday, February 25, 2011


So, we finally got some snow and have been busy making the most of it.  It snowed a little Wednesday night, then all morning Thursday, and on and off the rest of the day.  About 5 or 6 inches altogether.  Today dawned really, really sunny and cold, with schools (and therefore daycare) canceled again. 

Liam's first thought on getting outside yesterday was, apparently, "Snow Angel!"  Mine was some version of, "Oh my God, you couldn't pay me enough to lie down in that snow."  So, our first and last snow of the winter and I think we got it all done: snow angels, check; pulling the sled up hill to the elementary school where the sledding is, check; sledding, check; snow person making, check; snow ice cream making, also check (Liam: "Mommy, can I just have regular ice cream?"); catching snowflakes on face and tongue, check; snow shoveling, check; dog going crazy in snow, check; Liam pretending to be the dog going crazy in snow, also check; stare at the garden and say a prayer for the peas, kale and fava beans planted less than a week ago, check; wet snow stuff all over the kitchen, check, check, check.

As of tonight we're grateful to be tucked up safely warm and dry (well, as warm as a drafty 110-year old house with original windows gets, which is to say: wearing sweaters but not sleeping in hats), preparing for tomorrow's forecast: big thaw.  To apparently be followed by big rain.  And then, doubtless, big mud.

Liam doesn't care for hot chocolate (this is so strange I don't even know what else to say about it), but I promise I have consumed enough for both of us.  I miss Will all the time, but acutely when we have days like this: when I get to experience a little peak of what snow is like to someone who still wants to lie down in it and make snow angels.


Kay said...

You are one terrific Mom!

Mad Hatter said...

What a beautiful day. Thank you for sharing it. Your writing is so precise and lovely, Elizabeth - I always feel like I have been there with you and Liam and Will (because, of course, he is always there, too).
Love to you all,

Eb 40+ said...

I didn't realise you had old windows in your old house! Keep warm, then dry, then clean!

mekate said...

Snow! How magical! Don't worry, your garden will grow. (she says, hopefully).
I dreamed two nights ago of crocuses (crocii?) and I am thinking that sometime in JULY when the snow is finally melted, maybe we'll have green growing things again.

I love Liam's artwork-- I still have one finger painting from when I was little and I love it.

sending big love to you,