Sunday, September 19, 2010

Overdue update

 We are fine.  Busy end-of summer time.  And my work got busy for the first time all year at the same time so, you know.  Since I was last in this space we have:

Enjoyed a visit from Will's sister and her family and survived Liam and cousin K making footprints and hand prints on the back patio.  And later that week, enjoyed a visit from my sister.  Who is coming back for Thanksgiving this year, and already I can hardly wait.

Worked on our bedside manner.  He has a ways to go.  (The stethoscope is real, we have a number of them around from when Will had chemo and they would put a dedicated-to-his-germs-only stethoscope in his hospital room.  We brought them home for reasons I still don't really know.)

Played with boats.  All of them. A lot.

Hosted at least one birthday party.

Wished a lot of days would never end.  And lots of stuff I was too busy doing/enjoying to take pictures of.

We also had our pictures taken by a real photographer.  The remarkable Clane Gessel who, in addition to his regular gigs, takes photos of CF-families.  So, if, at long last you want to see what we really look like, all cleaned and photoshop-ed up, you can see Clane's pictures here.  If you are getting married or whatever, and want photos, call Clane; he's the best.

More soon.


mekate said...

AWESOME Photos, and my gosh, could Liam look MORE like you?

(YOU are truly beautiful Elizabeth, goodness me).

So, your family could not be more beautiful too-- and your faces! Clane did such a magical job making you seem right there, like I could reach out and touch your cheek.

Good for you all to have these images taken, I know it is hard to do and commit to and sit for and believe that somehow beauty and something authentic will emerge, but my, oh, my, it certainly did.

thank you for sharing these!

Sandrant said...
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Sandrant said...

Your family pictures are beautiful--as is your family. Words fail.