Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our first star chart

We've been talking about getting a cat.  It's a big deal to me.  Most times the thought of being responsible for keeping another living creature alive makes me tear up.  At the same time, we are cat people.  The dog is an aberration.   I think a cat is in our (near) future.  We're looking at this one.  My only criterion so far is that it must be orange.

I got to thinking that maybe Liam could help take care of the pets.  He used to feed Mollie most mornings but the habit has fallen off lately.  So, we made our first star chart. 

As we made the chart we discussed all the ways we take care of Mollie.  Liam noted that one of the ways we take care of Mollie is by telling her to"be quiet" and "go lie down."  Oh dear.  At least he also got feeding, petting gently, and letting outside. 

Overall, the whole chart idea was pretty well received and he earned his first star by feeding Mollie her dinner tonight.   That's about it; I'll let you know how it goes.  During the making we had this exchange:

Mommy: Here's how it works, we'll put a sticker on each day that you help take care of Mollie, and at the end of a week, if there is a sticker in every day we'll have a special treat.
Liam:  Ooooohhhhh.  Like a vitamin?  I want my vitamin.

Still with the vitamins.  His favorite food. 

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