Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to the park

We were at the part earlier today, before 9:00.  We were out of coffee at the hose (Horrors!) so Liam and I went early to the bakery where Liam was remarked over ("I remember when your mommy carried you in here and you were too little to walk" etc.) and shown the espresso machine.  Time flies.  Then Liam argued successfully for park before grocery store, so off we went.

I love this picture of Liam testing the bowsprit of the play boat at the park before walking out on it.  It is so how he is wired; and he has been that way for always. And it is so not me.  I pretty much don't test, at least not methodically or with intention this way.  But Liam, Liam watches, thinks it through, figures out what might be going on, tests it out.  He gets this entirely from Will, I believe.  Will likes to figure things out too.  Think about how they might work.  Test.  Liam decided the bowsprit was fine and walked out to the end, then back.  Then back to steer the other boat for a few minutes, and then off to the grocery store.

It was cold at the park this morning.  Our fake spring/non-winter is over for the week.  Frost on the roofs the past few mornings and it's meant to be only in the 40s tomorrow.  At the park we watched the water in the empty fish ladder.  Enjoyed having the place pretty much to ourselves.  Walked on the bridge.  Played on the boats.  Then enough errands to choke a horse, and home to a quiet afternoon.  

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