Sunday, February 28, 2010

A day at the park

I don't know why he's making that face.  No nap again today, and no rain either, so we tried the park.  Spring seems to have arrived overnight or some other recent time when we weren't looking.  It was all cherry blossoms, daffodils, and green, green grass today.  We went to a riverside park -- Liam has been excited about this park for at least a week and likes to discuss the river, the waterfall, and the name of everything.  He is quite interested in the names and locations of things these days.  A typical conversation goes like this:

L: Where is my school?
M: Across town near the grocery store with the train.
L: My school is across town near the grocery store with the train.  It's that way.  (Insert dramatic pointing.)
M: Close, it's that way, south west of here.
L: That way!

We do this about 125 times a day for various locations, the most popular being school, doctor, mommy's office, Japan (where the big ships go after they leave here), the Redwood Forest, the Gulf Stream waters, and the Deshutes River and Tumwater Falls.

This is a nice park at the foot of the river, where it is just getting ready to meet the Sound, a cascade of waterfalls (some natural some an artifact of the brewery that used to operate here), a fish ladder, and 3 separate play areas one with. . .wait for it. . .big ships made of concrete and wood.  Liam's favorite thing in the entire world is big ships.  So, that's all good.  Today Liam and Will especially enjoyed looking at the fish ladder, which runs under the grates Liam is sitting on.  In the fall there is a hatchery run of Chinook salmon (the native run goes up an adjacent creek).  Liam spent the rest of the afternoon running around demanding to be addressed as Deschutes River and/or Tumwater falls.

This was a vast improvement over yesterday which Liam and I spent in the local Urgent Care facility waiting for a doctor to help remove the dried blueberry Liam had put up his nose.  Imagine this.  Mommy is working on the taxes.  Liam is sitting on the sofa watching Wonder Pets and eating a snack: dried blueberries and goldfish crackers.  Liam starts whining and making a fuss.

M: Liam, what's going on?
L: I want my blueberry! I want my blueberry!
M: What? (Looking up) You want your blueberry, where is it? (Notices Liam is starting to cry and scurnching up his face.)
M: Oh no. . .Liam. . .did you put a blueberry in your nose?
L: Yes! It's in my nooooose!

We couldn't get it out with the tweesers or the stuffy sucker.  So, off we went.  He is none the worse for wear.  The removal was surprisingly easy.  The wait was long, but made tolerable by a large fish tank and a blue popsicle given by the triage nurse.  Liam had a choice of popsicles, blue or red.  After finishing the blue one he wanted a red one.  I said, no, only one popsicle per visit.  Liam thought about this and said: "The next time I put a blueberry in my nose, I'm going to choose the red popsicle."  Great.  Something to look forward to.


Liza said...

Oh dear! Max did similar things -- leaves, rocks... Most recently it was a pebble in his ear shortly before his 6th birthday. Had to go to an ENT for that one. Later when asked why he did it, his response was "I wanted to see if it'd come out the other side". Sigh! I feel for you! :)

Ratatosk mom to Max age 6 1/2 wcf

mekate said...

I am really sorry, but I really laughed.

next time.....

oh Elizabeth...

My dad put an acorn up his nose when i was little and I think he had to get it removed too. Maybe they grow out of it, maybe not. My dad? not so much.

with love,