Saturday, January 16, 2010

Liam's music box

Liam likes music.  He is a great singer of songs and he likes to dance too.  A month or so ago, we all got these little music players, which he can basically operate on his own.  We've decided on no TV after dinner (and not much before, either), so in the evenings we mostly listen to music.  He has very definite likes and dislikes and does not hesitate to skip the songes he doesn't want to hear.

Lately, the soundtrack has been this.  It is a great pleasure to me that Liam turns out to be a kid who likes Pete Seeger.  As if he has a choice around this house.


mekate said...

Clearly, Liam is a man of exquisite and refined taste!
Love the easy to use music box! how cool and empowering for him (and how fun for all of you!). My nephews have both been into music since they were tiny-- it was so neat to find out their tastes before they worried about what was "cool". Now? older nephew is all about the cool.

thinking of you,

mekate said...
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