Sunday, January 17, 2010

Animals and trains and (white) elephants

As usual, I have no idea what exactly Liam was playing when he set all these animals up inside the circle of train cars.  He plays with the little animals continuously; lining them up, moving them around.  He puts them through various situations, they talk with one another and re-enact things that have happened throughout the day.  (For example: cows that dig big holes in the dirt have to be taken out for a bath, exactly like Mollie the dog, who was taken for a bath yesterday.)  They go in and out of the barn.  In and out of the parking garage.  We love the little animals around here, that’s for sure.

My sister made the train for Liam. Let’s be sure that’s clear: she made it.  All of it.  By hand.  Out of wood.  It’s amazing.  Liam likes all his cars and trains, but he comes back to this one over and over.

Today was: feeding the birds, walking the dog, playing inside, making cookies for the neighborhood after Christmas party, going to the party, getting completely hosed in the white elephant exchange, explaining to Liam that, unfortunately, there were no actual elephants involved, carrying a screaming Liam home (too much, too tired), taking almost 90 minutes to calm him down and rock him to sleep, and discovering that even in such a situation where a glass of wine is basically mandatory, it's true, I really don't like Vin Santo enough to finish even half a glass.  It doesn't matter how cold it is or that it's the only thing open in the house.  Sigh.

Liam was so good at opening presents at the white elephant exchange we felt the need to explain, at least twice, that he is an only (local) grandchild.  This seemed to satisfy people.


mekate said...

the train?
holy crap, it is amazing! Your sister is a magician, and Liam is so lucky!

I just wanted to say hello-- found myself missing you. I am not reading/writing as much on line these days, found myself depleted beyond what I could handle, so I sneak a peek at a few blogs each night, but try not to do marathon sessions. I tend to check out those in transition in my close posse... sprogblogger's yoke sack for example...

I forget sometimes just how important "visiting" is, the hellos when life is happening without trauma (immediate anyway), and I just wanted to say how much I love visiting you-- sometimes like today is is all smiles (even with the white elephant), sometimes much more intense as you know, but always, always, I feel like I am sneaking a moment with a friend.
Thank you for that.

hope you have a great night-- clouds cleared away, it is dang cold, but the stars! oh, the stars....


Mad Hatter said...

That train is amazing! It sounds like a mostly wonderful day - I so long to have days filled with cookies and birds and wooden toys...Liam is so lucky to have such a terrific Mommy.