Thursday, December 3, 2009

Play Spaces

One of the things we wanted to do with Liam is to make sure he has places to play in all parts of the house. We didn't want a toy room, or a play room (and we don't have an extra room for all that anyway). So we've made sure there are play spaces in pretty much every room.

In the kitchen Liam has his play kitchen (a gift from Will's generous sister) and his chalkboard/magnet board. I like to think of him working away in his play kitchen while I'm making dinner, but usually he likes to play with it at other times, because when I'm cooking he wants to be "helping" me.

Most of Liam's toys and books are in the living room, where we all enjoy them and it's easy to play or have a story or work on a puzzle.

There's a new addition in the dining room, where I cleaned out a cupboard for Liam's art supplies and whatever else he wants to put in there. . .so far, he is most interested in climbing in himself. He likes that it is "all my cupboard."

We're going on almost two weeks since Will last came home from the hospital; he had his last dose of IV antibiotics last Friday and is now on an inhaled antibiotic to try to keep his recurrent infections away and give him a chance to get stronger. So far, so good.

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mekate said...

So far, so good indeed! Keeping my fingers crossed for continued success.

I love Liams cupboard!

and I love your hummingbirds, how magical! I cannot imagine having them in winter and that seems almost as unlikely as seeing elves in the garden. You are so lucky!

Sending love,