Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seafood Sunday

Sardines for Will and Liam at lunchtime. Liam loves sardines. I'm pretty good about eating almost anything--well, anything but food made with or containing mayonnaise, or really any other condiment, including pickles--okay, I'm not so good about eating. As with many other things, I hope Liam turns out better.

I was pushing for mac and cheese for lunch when Liam spied the sardine can in the pantry and was all over it. I had to call Will in from the other room to help with the sardine eating, it's just not my thing. So, I'm sort of hopping from one foot to the other, antsy about fish bones and choking, and Will says "You just eat them." and before I know it Liam has stuffed a whole fish in his mouth and is munching away happily. He says: "I ate the taa-il, da-dee!" Right on.

In other seafood-related news, I have the shells from our shellfish birthday dinner last night scrubbed and soaking in the sink with some water and bleach. Once they're clean, I'm going to put them in a bag and let Liam stomp on them or hit them with a mallet or something and add them to the garden paths. I've always loved those shell paths that are all over the east coast, and I figure the round-ish gravel we have will wear down the edges over time so they won't be too sharp. They're all local shells. This is an(other) example of something I think is going to be really neat and everyone else things is a little bit crazy.

After they ate sardines, Will and Liam made faces at each other for quite a while. Two peas in a pod, or fish in a can, or whatever.

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mekate said...

sweet E,
just wanted to say a quick hello after too long away. I hope you are ok, and that Will is too- and that you are enjoying the turning of the season.
hugs to you