Saturday, October 17, 2009

The highlight of the party was when the kittens sang Happy Birthday

My mother's birthday today. Happy Birthday mom, we'd be sunk without you, that's for sure. Dinner here and Will's mother prepared virtually everything, including an amazing cake, and schlepped it all to our house so that we didn't have to haul oxygen over to her house. Really nice.

The best part was how Liam reacted to the card from Will's parents: kittens singing Happy Birthday. You know: meow, meow, etc. Oh my goodness, you've never seen a baby laugh so hard. I couldn't get clear photos because he was moving and laughing so much. And he kept saying: "kit-tens don sing happy birfth-day! Sil-ly kit-tens!" Sometimes he sang along, first with words, and then with meowing of his own. But mostly he laughed and we all laughed with him. The next best part is that I think the kitten card went home with my mother. Yay! It was great and all, but we wouldn't want to have too much of a good thing.

I want to remember that it was just this time 3 years ago we found out we had been incredibly blessed and lucky that our IVF had worked. And then after about a month of true terror (the numbers they track were quite low and slow to double), and then 8 more months of regular terror, we were blessed and lucky again to have this sweet, cautious, observant, silly little person come into our lives. Thank you universe or whoever one thanks for this type of gift.

The last picture is Liam trying to snag the birthday crown from my mother's head. He thinks all birthday crowns (and birthday presents) should be for him.

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Ann said...

We pointed out K-A-Y on the crown and asked Liam what it spelled; he said, "Grandma!"