Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Mix

Today brought:
  • A very sunny morning, up early and outside on the porch for coffee (mama) and yogurt with honey (Liam). Yogurt with honey is Liam's new favorite thing. We've been working on how to ask for things, and for what he really wants he is very reliable: "mor mm mm hon'ee, peese, mama" was today's expression. And, after dinner when he was having yogurt and honey for dessert it was "peese, da'dee out-si, mm mm hon'ee out-si, peese!" ("Mm mm" is his word for yogurt on account of the kind we buy has a cow on the outside of the container and cows, of course, say "mm mm;" he likes to eat outside.)

  • Pee pee and the other thing in the potty at different times today for Liam. Pee pee in the morning was preceded by stripping off all his clothes on the front porch and then running inside and saying "mama bye bye, mama bye bye, etc." and then when I tried to follow him "nooo hi, nooo hi mama." I guess he wanted his privacy.

  • Fever and feeling crappy for Will which took up most of the day, but by tonight he was feeling okay enough to eat dinner with us, to accommodate Liam by going outside for dessert (even though he really didn't want to), and is right now upstairs reading stories. Will thinks and I agree that despite this congestion and whatever is going on to cause it and the fever, his breathing is some better. This is wondrous because it means that, hopefully, the chronic rejection has been stopped for now and it's a matter of optimizing the lung function he has left and trying to stay healthy. We hope his doc appointment on Tuesday can bring some hopeful news. In the meantime, we'll get the results of the oximetry testing on Monday and (likely) home oxygen which, even if he uses it only at night, could be really helpful as much as no one wants it.

  • Picking up much of the garden and cleaning Mollie's dog house so it's snug and warm ready for those winter days when she just refuses to come inside until after dark.

  • Apple crisp warm from the oven.

  • Packing for me; a work trip that cannot be avoided starts tomorrow.

Every day is a mix. That's how it goes.

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mekate said...

I wish you all the best on your travels this week-

Liam is so cute with the yoghurt! and the asking for what he wants! if only we could all learn how to do that a little better.

I am sitting in the morning sun, giving myself the gift of a slow morning (since work does not expect me at all today)-- and trying to strategize about keeping calm somehow-- this is my goal these next few weeks- to stay calm. We'll see how that goes!

thinking of you and wishing you *calm* even in brief moments. sending love,