Sunday, August 30, 2009

This weekend we. . .

Danced with Daddy and were very happy that he felt well enough to move around with us a little bit.

Colored pictures and practiced sitting on the telephone book and not getting the colors on the table.

Stayed in our pjs all day and made bread for dinner. (A note about children's clothes: they almost all have these annoying sayings on them, e.g., "yes I am adorable" or "the world does revolve around me" or "mommy's little angel." So far as I've been able to tell unless you want to pay a fortune for plain things, which are inevitably designer and organic and available only by mail order, you end up with the least obnoxious. This one says "Who you calln crabby" which as I type it seems pretty darn obnoxious.)

That was all yesterday. Today we got up and went to a work-friend's house to play on her beach and see clams in their native habitat, pick blackberries, and climb about 150 stairs up and down (it's high bank). Delightful. Liam was as interested in the forest as he was in the beach, especially the blue jays. Then home and play in the yard with Daddy while Mama pulled weeds and, best yet, leftovers for dinner so no one had to cook!

We're coming up on a big anniversary here this week: early in September it will be 8 years since Will was given the gift of life in a double lung transplant. More on that some time later.


IVF 40+ said...

what a totally cool weekend. So please Will is feeling a little better. And leftovers - the best.

mekate said...

Such an amazingly full weekend! i love seeing it through Liam's experience of the world, yes! bluejays! See? he sees..... I am trying.

Glad above all else that Will felt well enough to dance and play. That feels quite miraculous.

Warm wishes to you,