Friday, August 28, 2009

Green Beans

Will is the reliable one at harvesting the garden. I can be relied upon to do the planing and tending but easily forget to pick the vegetables. Liam loves to help with the vegetables, especially carrying them from the garden to the house. Yesterday they caught up on picking green beans.

Lovely dinner with Grandpa DH and GG tonight. Thank you. Liam now will (finally, finally) say "GG" which is very cute. He staill calls Grandpa "GoGo" which is so very sweet and probably will never end.


mekate said...

I love the photos and the simplicity of picking greanbeans-- since so much of your life requires a double PhD in medicine and philosophy, (and perhaps a third in obscure religions) it is so nice to have something simple and magical, soil, water, seed, plant, vegetable, fruit.

I love love love what you wrote on my blog- the quote resonated with me and with everyone who has dropped by since-- may I use it for a blog entry today or tomorrow?

I am so glad Will is home and so sorry you got IncompetentNurse-- as if, somehow, this was not *quite* hard enough with full and accurate information.

It is raining here today, big soft rain, and is cold enough for long sleeves and wool socks and hot tea.
hard to believe we were sweltering a week ago- we had summer for an instant, now fall.

Thinking of you and feeling so grateful our paths have crossed somehow, even if the underlying reasons are difficult-- the gift of knowing you even in this strange and limited way is very very real.
Thank you for being so generous and kind Elizabeth, in times most folks would be curled up and rocking and humming to themselves, you reach out and say hello.

with big love and hope that Will feels better on the treatment in sort of a diagnosis by treatment response sort of way.
backwards from ideal but hopefully effective.


mekate said...


please write anytime--