Monday, August 3, 2009

The other side of the fence

Is where kitties play and Liam really wants to go. Lovely walk tonight in search of friendly neighborhood cats to pet. None were found. (I expect they, umm, hear Liam coming and take refuge wherever they can run to. He is always sweet to them, but he moves fast, not really at a comfortable cat pace.) We consoled ourselves with handfuls of blackberries from the bushes in the neighborhood stream corridor/nature trail area.

Will's fever was back and even stronger this morning. His lung functions are down and his saturation is down too (90% on room air, which is, well, not so good). So, he is thinking about what the plan should be. I'm voting for inhaled antibiotics (which he already has here) plus call the clinic for a prescription for oral antibiotics and if it's not getting better by Monday go in to the clinic for cultures and picc line placement and start IVs. (Or, if it gets worse, then he'll get admitted through the ER before Monday.) We'll see.

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IVF 40+ said...

No words of wisdom just a note of support. Hope the fever goes back to whence it came.
All the very best