Sunday, August 2, 2009

First bee sting and fever

On Friday Liam got his first bee sting. We knew it was coming, even as we have been trying, trying, trying to encourage him to not touch the bees. We have some lavender and marjoram plants by the front gate, and the vegetable garden right beyond. The area is always full of bees and Liam has lately made it his life's work to try to catch one. Well, he finally did and the joy he felt in that accomplishment was quickly evaporated by the shock and sadness that his beloved bees could betray him in such a way.

He cried and cried. I'm sure because it hurt but also, I'm sure, because he just couldn't understand why the bee would do that to him. He would cry and cry and then sob "beeeeeeeeee." This went on for 15 minutes or so until he calmed down. We put an ice cube on his finger and all seems to be fine. I guess that if an allergic reaction is going to show up it is not until the second or third sting. So, we'll have to watch even more carefully from now on.

In other news: Will has not been feeling well and today has chills and a fever. So, we'll have to see where that goes. It is worrisome, as always. I think he's more congested than usual. He says it's hard to tell and has not been interested in checking his lung functions with his home meter. Monday is CF/transplant clinic day. If this gets worse after Monday it likely will mean a trip to the ER. Or, maybe he holds out until his appointment which has been moved up to the 17th. We'll see. Experience tells me to agitate for an early assessment at the clinic and, if necessary treatment. But, it's not up to me.


IVF 40+ said...

I do hope Will's fever clears up and his lungs decongest. Must be very upsetting and worrying for you both. With there was something I could do.
thinking of you, wishing you all the very best.

mekate said...

Oh Elizabeth, first-- so sorry for the sting, poor Liam, I hate when reality and dreams collide so painfully. I bet he felt betrayed.

And dang it about Will-- that is scary and I hope for earlier assessment rather than later- it must be so hard to have to be so vigilant, I bet that gets incredibly tiring. Oh how lucky so many of us are to just take a few tylenol and wait things out. Something I will try not to take for granted.

Your garden sounds yummy-- I have thyme in mine that is trying to take over the world. When I cut the grass the fragrance is magnificent. Growing up we had a patch of mint that had gotten loose in the yard-- I remember that too.

Please take care and thank you so much for the sunshine-- knowing things are possible is one of the gifts of this-- thank you for sharing your experience. Who knows?