Friday, May 8, 2009

Pushing the box

Do you think that pushing a cardboard box across the porch is the kind of thing that could make you so happy? And, here's baby Liam, without a nap today and newly snotty from the start of his latest cold, delighted, just delighted to push the box around.

Today we played a new game. Liam pretends to be the dog, then he picks up his milk or his cookie (both are in the box he is pushing, maybe that's why he's so happy). Then we say "Silly. . .doggies don't eat cookies" or "Doggies don't drink milk." Liam thinks this is hilarious. We played for 20 minutes straight. It got so he would set his milk down and then grab it up and come running over and hold it out to me to be told "Doggies don't drink milk."

Sometimes he is doggie and sometimes he is Liam. You can ask him which he is. If he is being doggie he will "uhh uhh" at you (which is the noise dogs make), that's your cue to say "Silly. . .doggies don't eat cookies." Or, whatever. (We also had "Doggies don't sweep the porch.") If he is being Liam he'll point to himself.

Of course, poor Mollie the actual dog would give her left ear to eat Liam's cookie and drink up all the milk, I think. Would that she showed a similar interest in sweeping the porch.

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IVF 40+ said...

what a great post. What a cute kid! Maybe you could attach a broom to molly's tail! I could do the same with my cats - although it would need to be a really small broom.
Liam is so adorable.