Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not so good news on the health front and pic-nic breakfast

Will checked his spirometry (lung functions) today on the little home machine. Bad news. The functions are not recovering, they are in fact down from what they were last Monday. Saturation also is not great, in the mid (occasionally) and lower 90s and upper 80s. Whatever is going on is still going on. This sort of up and down, is just so typical and so frustrating.

Tomorrow he will call the clinic and talk about what to do next. Last Monday the idea was that if he didn't start to get better on high dose Cipro and inhaled Colistin they would go to IV antibiotics. It may be that they will know something more about what the infection is sensitive to from the cultures and can adjust accordingly.

Poor Will, he looks like he feels crappy; he's tired and short of breath and worried. I hope the clinic can help sort things out tomorrow and that if he does have to go in to the hospital at least it won't be through the emergency room.

Other than Will feeling crappy, today was okay. It was crazy sunny this morning, so Liam and I had a pic-nic breakfast on the porch. Then playing, then grocery store (which Liam always enjoys), lunch, nap, more playing, a good dinner and then (big fun), a friend of Will's brought us a rhubarb plant for the yard, so the day ended as it began, outside. I am trying to help Liam and Mollie learn to be better with each other about food. (Mollie not to be grabby of Liam's food; Liam not to give food to Mollie.) So far, the results are mixed.

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Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about Will--I hope that the docs have a good answer and he starts feeling better soon!

How are YOU doing? I hope that you are taking care of yourself!