Saturday, April 4, 2009

We got our sunny day

It was lovely. Not quite as warm as I'd like (I don't think it was into the 60s, but maybe tomorrow), but very sunny and pleasant. Liam and I started the day by meeting my parents at the Farmers Market where Liam must have consumed an entire apple and pear worth of "samples." (They like him because we go pretty much every week and Liam's first word was apple.) Then home for lunch and nap and playing in the yard all afternoon: chasing Mollie the dog, planting seeds, playing with the gravel, rolling trucks and climbing all over the big rhododendron tree. Now we're inside; Liam's reading with Daddy and trying to wind down before bath time. Hope everyone who visits this space is having a lovely weekend.


Deron Arnold said...

Speaking of Farmer's Market, is Will able to eat fresh fruits and veggies after transplant?

Elizabeth said...

@Deron --- Yes, he's quite a raw fruit eater when it's in season (berries, peaches), and we've grown or purchase it ourselves, and we wash carefully. Less of a raw vegetable eater and avoids raw leafy greens almost entirely, but will eat them cooked (e.g., spinach). It may have been different when he was first post-tx, but he's now about 7.5 years out. Doesn't eat many raw fruit or veg when we eat out (who knows where that stuff has been!). Also avoids melons entirely which are, I guess, more likely to carry germs than some other fruits. Hope you're hanging in there and get the call soon!