Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to eat macaroni and cheese with your spoon when you are 21 months old

First, you have to get the macaroni and cheese made. This requires Mommy. Get the empty taped up box of macaroni and cheese from your play kitchen and carry it around whining and signing please until Mommy stops what she is doing and puts water on to boil. No photo of this, but you can see the box on the table in the later photos.

Wait patiently for the macaroni and cheese to cook (while eating carrots and pea pods). When it finally arrives, shovel the macaroni and cheese into your mouth with both hands.

Look at Mommy like she has grown two heads when she says "Liam, macaroni and cheese is a spoon food, please." But, try to humor Mommy. Place the macaroni and cheese very carefully one macaroni at a time on the spoon and put it in your mouth.

Whenever Mommy isn't paying attention go back to using your hands.

Try to figure out how your hands got so sticky.

And you are spared photos of the drumming on the table with the spoon while singing at the top of your voice and of holding the sippy cup in your teeth and pretending to be the dog. (Who has never, as far as I know, put one of the sippy cups in her mouth.)

Happy birthday to cousin K. I bet your table manners beat Liam's!

(All done sign.)

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