Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tie One on Day

I like this idea about offering support in your community. Read more about National Tie One On Day here and here. I fear it may be a fabric-marketing racket, but I still like the idea and want to participate. The idea is: on the day before Thanksgiving, make a loaf of bread; tie it up in an apron; deliver it to someone in need of physical or spiritual sustenance. This is meant to honor and celebrate women's roles in nurturing and sustaining community. I'm going to try to make an apron out of some old sheets that we have. (Remember, we used to have that cat that chewed holes in all the sheets, all the time; that was back before the blog, I guess. I loved that cat. Suffice it to say: he has gone on to better things (he was 16+ years old) and I have a lot of sheets with holes in them that I can't stand the thought of getting rid of because I'm sure they're good for something.)

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