Friday, November 21, 2008

One Thing

I have not been as disciplined about the "one thing a day" idea as I wanted to be. This is, I think, the crutch of motherhood, partnerhood, career. . .you have numerous, ready excuses to put off self care, other relationships, and any of your own projects. So, today's one thing, I am already thinking about it here at the office as I procrastinate making the half dozen phone calls that I really must make before I leave; today's one thing will hopefully set up a whole month or more of one things. Tonight, after Liam goes to sleep (please God, let him go to sleep easily), I will finalize my handmade Christmas list and organize all the supplies. I have only a few of the handmade Christmas projects actually started and, basically, none of them done, so we're headed for desperate times if I don't get it together soon. Also, I want to get the old tee-shirts for the caps project (more on this later) out of the goodwill bag so Liam and I can make the caps tomorrow. That's my idea. We'll see how much energy I turn out to have at 8:30 tonight. I'm hopeful; acupuncture yesterday did me a world of good.

PS - I forgot to mention. Will has edited his blog with his funny take on one of Liam's favorite songs. Will has been cogitating on this song for, umm, weeks now.

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