Saturday, November 22, 2008

Easy Apple Pancakes

I've noticed a few recipes for apple pancakes lately, and the pictures of the $40 or whatever it is special pancake pan for apple and similar pancakes in a very famous cooking catalog, and they all make it sound like a pretty complicated procedure. Probably those complicated ones with the special pan turn out a lot better, but here's how we make them.

Mix up your favorite pancake batter. These days I'm using the recipe from Mark Bittman's book. It's basically flour, baking powder, salt, sugar (if you want it, I leave it out because we add sugar later), milk, butter and an egg. Goes together in about 5 minutes including the time it takes to walk across the kitchen and drag the flour out of the pantry cupboard.
Heat up a pan (this is about the only application besides omelets that I use a nonstick frying pan for) and drop the first batch of pancakes into it. We make small pancakes, about 3 inches across. While the first side is cooking sprinkle the top (wet) side with a teaspoon or two of brown sugar and some cinnamon. Cut up some apple slices into tiny matchstick pieces. Drop those on the pancakes with the sugar and cinnamon. When they're ready, flip them over and cook the sugar, cinnamon, apple side just as you usually would. That's it. The nonstick pan means the sugar isn't a problem and they turn out just fine and taste great. Liam had his with yogurt; duck-on-wheels just had the pancakes, no yogurt. I had mine with butter.

A note on the Owl bread. This batch turned out better. Will is eating some as I type this, and I think by Monday we'll need a new loaf. The oven thermometer is helping me slowly learn to get the best out of our crummy, too cold, unpredictable oven.

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