Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mind of his own. . .

As Liam gets older he is more interested in initiating play of his own making. This morning started with a peek-a-boo game from around the banister; all his idea. (My idea was to sit on the couch and drink coffee for a while.) He is starting to "dance" by hopping (sort of ) from one foot to another, it's really cute. He also makes all his stuffed toys "dance" by jumping them up and down. Tonight he decided that he is old enough to learn to go down the stairs on his feet instead of crawling. He called me over, held my hands or leg to practice and then started practicing on his own holding the wall. It will take a while before he gets this, is my prediction---thank God for the gate at the top of the stairs. (And thanks to Auntie C who installed it for us.)

All this new self awareness also means that he really knows what he wants and doesn't want---and he screams like a stuck animal when he doesn't get what he wants. Screams and screams. It's something---if you listen closely you probably can hear it at your house.

Photos are: peek-a-boo, practicing the stair climbing, and one of getting bundled up for Art Walk last night.

In the good news department: Grandma KM brought us a fantastic dinner of beef stew, just perfect for a rainy day. Thanks!

In the bad news department: Will hasn't been eating much this week (although he says I'm wrong about that; however, today he has yet to finish his bowl of stew, which is the only thing besides tea, some milk and some orange juce he's "eaten" all day); and, he seems to be entering into one of those computer phases that involves staying up until really late nights reinstalling the operating system over and over. Hopefully he'll feel better soon; I'd really like for this CMV concern to turn out to be a big nothing. He won't get his blood retested for another week, so I guess we'll know more then. (In the full disclosure department, as I typed this he started to eat potato chips.)

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