Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hospital day, but not for Will. . .

When Liam was about 4 months or so old, maybe 5 months, I can't remember, he was observed to have a communicating hydrocele, which is (this gets pretty male) a communication of fluid from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum through the little tube that the testes descend in. I'm told it's very common. Usually a thing like this would heal itself up and just go away, but some don't, and Liam's didn't. A month or so ago we were dispatched to the pediatric-hospital emergency room for evaluation of a possible hernia. That's the main complication with these things, they can become outright hernias and, depending on the circumstance, those can be pretty dangerous. Liam was judged not to have a hernia at the time and was sent home. But we right away made an appointment with a pediatric urologist to have the thing fixed. (Surgery is recommended if they don't heal themselves by 1 year.)

Today was the big operation day and Liam did great. He was super at home this morning even though he wasn't allowed anything to eat after 3:00 AM. (This is the baby who has two breakfasts before 9:00 most mornings.) He did great in the car, and he was really good at the hospital until the nurses had to take his vital signs, etc.. Even so, after that he quieted down and went to sleep so we had to wake him up for his pre-surgery medication. I sincerely hope this is the only time in my life I have to hand my crying baby to a stranger and watch her carry him away while he reaches out for me over her shoulder and screams and screams. But, it all ended well, Liam is all fixed up, the surgeon said it went great and Liam should recover just fine. As an added bonus, we have discovered that he appears to be more like his Mommy in his (lack of) tolerance for anesthetic than his Daddy. Liam woke right up, but has already thrown up twice. He seems otherwise, really, fine. Tired, but fine. So, a big day: first (and hopefully last) surgery and first real throw up. If only I had kept a baby book, this would be one for the records.

Will took the picture with his cell phone. Liam is sleeping, sleeping, sleeping back in his hospital room after surgery in his baby blanket by Grandma KM. The nurses took the blanket with Liam so he could have it right away in the recovery room. (Note to self: if I ever by some miracle have another baby, turns out those glider rockers are NOT overrated after all.)

We're home now (it's an outpatient thing) and I'm off to watch him sleep upstairs in his room. Still very much our tiny baby.

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Lisa said...

So glad that it went well!! Hope you have an uneventual weekend :)