Friday, August 22, 2008

Trip to the Park

Will, Liam, Mollie and I went to the park this afternoon. I left work a little early; Will made sure to get his row in early(ish), and off we went to a little bit of nearby woods. We usually take Liam and Mollie to a different park, one on the salt water, but this is a nice deep wood with a little stream that will be filled with returning salmon in a few months. (We leave Mollie at home when the fish are around.) No very good pictures of the park, but this gives you some idea. We're still thinking about Liam's first haircut. And, a picture of what I see every morning (although usually minus Will and Mollie); I spend a huge amount of time looking in the car mirror checking on Liam while I drive him to whichever grandparent he is spending the day with while I'm at work. Liam loves the flag and tries to grab it every time I put him in the car or take him out. Note Will still would rather sit with Liam than with me. Figures!

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