Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Sign

Liam still isn't even close to talking, so we've stepped up our efforts to help him learn baby sign language. Baby sign is neat -- it's basically American Sign Language with some "conceptual" signs tossed in for good measure. There's a great on-line video dictionary here. Liam signs: "milk," "eat," "more," and "baby." He loves the sign for baby most and makes it at every opportunity (pictures in his books, pictures of Will and me when we were babies that I've hung up in Liam's room, the picture of the baby on the baby food jar. . .and on and on. Babies are everywhere, apparently.) Liam has become addicted to his "learn baby sign language" DVD, which is the only TV he has been allowed to watch so far. He likes the puppets. A lot. It might be helping him with the sign language, but if it is, the progress is very slow. Here he is enjoying an early morning viewing. How boring is that: pictures of someone else's kid watching TV.


Lisa said...

What a cutie!!!

I found your blog from My partner also has CF (no-tx yet), so I thought that I would drop you a quick note and say hello!


Sara and Dustin said...


Thank you so much for your encouraging words!!!! They are much needed!!! I will totally look into acupuncture:)

Liam is soooo beautiful and I love his name!!!!