Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Love our Puffs & Will Rocks

We love our puffs, we really do. It's a silly thing. We got them for Liam's first birthday, about a month ago, based on these catalog pictures that show some well behaved, VERY clean-looking children sitting on puffs at a craft table doing crafts, or practicing their alphabets, or penning thank you notes, or some other laudable thing, it's clear. We thought Liam could site on them at the coffee table and look at books or whatever. (HA! He never sits still.) Anyway, we got some and we love them. They are just the right size for Liam to pile all over. They're bright and sturdy. And, they're great for mommy and daddy to "sit" on, alleviating some of that hoisting ones self up and down from the floor that happens when playing with an (almost) toddler. They were expensive, but we love them. We got them at Land of Nod.

I'm so proud of Will today. Even though he was up half the night coughing and clearly felt crummy this morning, once he got up he got going, and got out of the house, and went to the park, and stopped by my work to say hi, and played with Liam this evening, and, in general, didn't sink into the depths of despair on account of feeling sick. It's such a hard and complicated thing this disease. A transplant is an incredible gift; and it brings a new set of challenges.

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