Thursday, July 17, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been a knock down, drag out week at work for me, but I hope to catch everyone up on all the news this weekend. In the meantime, all the crafty, designy, parenting-type blogs I tend to look at seem to have posted photos of strawberries lately, so I thought I'd post mine. We ate a huge number of strawberries over the past month and put even more in the freezer for winter. Will loves strawberries with Brown Cow whole milk yogurt. Liam loves strawberries any way he can get them. Of course, strawberry season officially ended here last Friday and we're (almost, any day now!) on to raspberries. Typical of my hectic life that I get my strawberry pictures up when the season is already over!

Will is still feeling crummy and is more and more congested, so he may be headed back to the hospital for more IV antibiotics in the weeks to come. Or, back to the colistin (which he hates). Or something. We are hoping he starts to feel better soon. Hoping, hoping, hoping.

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