Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Catching up

I've been pretty absent from this space over the summer, but seeings as how I am trapped in the Boise, ID airport for the foreseeable future due to broken planes and delayed flights I thought I might catch up a little.

We raised tadpoles this year, and they pretty much all made it to frogs, which was much better than two years ago when we tried and got almost no frogs.  We were on a good path to release the frogs into their home pond until there was a terrible accident with the tadpole/frog container resulting in water, rocks, wet leaves, broken glass, tadpoles and frogs all over the kitchen floor.  We did the best we could with all that and then decided we'd done enough for the frog population for the year.  It was fun while it lasted.

We celebrated Liam's 6th birthday.  Six!  He received, among other things, a national geographic documentary about cougars and a stuffed tiger with leash, collar, and feeding dishes, and he and my mother continued the tradition of making the same face in all the pictures.   Liam was (and remains) very interested in big cats.

We picked the first strawberry on June 8 and ate strawberries almost continuously for the rest of June.

We went for a hike from trees and hot sun to snow, something Liam had never done before and almost couldn't believe was possible it was so fun.  GoGo was our guide and he and Liam made a snow duck to celebrate.  Liam learned to use a compass.


We went camping with Auntie Chris at the ocean where Liam swam in the waves and flew kites on the beach and we were all almost consumed whole by mosquitoes.  Blech.

And, finally, but maybe the most exciting: Liam learned to ride a bike.  He now takes great delight at biking on the protected bike paths and explaining to all who will listen that soon he will be biking to the grocery store for me and biking all around the neighborhood at all hours of day and night with the neighboring Liam.  Here's hoping!

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