Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pet Parade!

My mother was kind enough to lend us her SWD and join us in the pet parade today.  Liam was so excited; he has been talking about the pet parade for approximately 100 years. 

I cut and hemmed a blue dog coat out of one of my stash of goodwill tee shirts that are around for just this sort of thing.  This morning  Liam decorated the paper feathers and arranged them.  Presto -- SWD to peacock.

After the feathers were done we hustled over to pick up grandma and grandpa and get lined up for the parade.  Word to the wise: if the parade starts at 10:00 and the costume judging starts at 8:30, you really do not need to be there before 9:45.  (We were there about 9:15; grandpa went to get coffee.)

The pet parade is a local institution, sponsored by the newspaper.  It's very small town and fun.  The rotary band leads the parade and the bag pipe group walks at the end.  In between there are line-ups for large dogs, small dogs, and floats.  My favorite this year was the big golden dog  that was dressed as a lion. 

At the end of the parade we got to enjoy another local institution -- feather guy -- dressed like a blue cat with pink feathers today.  Feather guy is at every event and dances to whatever music happens to be around, or if there's no music around he just dances.  Also, the newspaper people handed out ice cream.

In other news, we went from wishing for air conditioning at 94 degrees yesterday to wondering if it is okay to turn the heat on inside during August at about 68 degrees today.   I have to say I prefer today's problem to yesterday's by far.

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