Monday, April 2, 2012

First Farm Share -- March


Now that Spring is upon us, we finally signed up for a Winter farm share.  Typically it took me a while to get going but now, now, I am so excited and happy about this!  The Winter share comes once a month in a big box and this is our first one -- well, part of our first one.  Yes that is right, our first farm share included: a full quart jar of local honey, dried cranberry beans, two kinds of potatoes (but only one is pictured here), beets (already cooked and eaten), Brussels sprouts, red onions, red kale, tiny kale leaves and flowers (also eaten already -- so good), about 6 apples and 6 pears, this celeriac thing or whatever it is, leeks, and the sweetest bunch of thyme I have ever seen.   We'll get two more before it is on to spring and summer shares.  It is amazing!

In an attempt to have my act together I immediately roasted the beets and boiled one of the types of potatoes.   We have eaten those.  The beans are cooked and ready for lunches this week.  The pears are g-o-n-e, I forgot how much Liam likes fresh pears.  The Brussels sprouts are on deck for tomorrow along with the red potatoes, I think. 

The farm is in the Boistfort Valley, on the Chehalis River.  We are blessed and lucky around here to have lots of lovely organic farms -- but I never really considered any other but this one.  The vegan went to school with Mike (I suppose I did too, since the vegan and I went to school together, but I don't remember) and Heidi was in my prenatal yoga class when I was pregnant with Liam.   We've been getting our vegetables from them at the farmers market here in town for years, and now, finally we're in the CSA and couldn't be happier. 

They deliver all the way to Seattle and even to Portland.  I can't wait to cook celeriac!

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