Sunday, January 22, 2012

Putting away Christmas, finally

We finally finished putting away Christmas today.  After being buried in snow, and then enduring a fairly massive ice storm, and a long-ish power outage, today seems really and truly back to normal.  It is raining buckets. Sometimes sleet but mostly rain, rain, rain.   And, very occasionally, today, a sun break. 

The last bit of Christmas to put away was the lights and garland from the front porch and gate.  This is probably the longest they have ever stayed up, I am generally a "Christmas away by new year's eve" person.  The tree was out of here on December 27.  The Christmas plates went away shortly after, I am always so sorry to see them go.  And the garland and lights -- well, first it was so dark and rainy that I just couldn't stand the idea of putting the lights away.  Then it was so cold and snowy that I didn't want to be outside climbing on the porch.

Today we jumped out during one of those amazing sun breaks and got it all put away.  Done and done.  And I just ordered something like these, so in two or three days, I'll have a porch with lights again.

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