Friday, November 11, 2011

Lantern Walk

I go outside with my lantern my lantern goes with me,
Above the stars are shining, here on earth shine we,
So shine your light  through the still dark night,
La bimma la bamma la boom boom boom
‘neath heavens dome, till we go home,
la bimma  la bamma la boom boom boom.

Lantern walk at Liam's little school begins with a story inside and ends with a fire in the back yard.  In between the children and their people walk to neighbors house and sing songs to brighten the dark night and remind neighbors to warm one another through the long winter.

There are 11 children.  If I'm very lucky he can stay here through the second grade.

A big moon brightened the lantern walk tonight and even though the west wind brought cold and rain all day we had a break from the weather that lasted just long enough.  Perfect.

*Edited to reload video

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Mad Hatter said...

Ah...I think I know what little school this is...and I think it's a perfect place for Liam (and you, too) to be until the 2nd grade. Very strong community and family there. Good choice.