Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pizza Friday

Pizza Friday has re-established a toe-hold at our house.  We'll see if it continues.  In the meantime, any suggestions for getting good pizza out of a regular 450 degree-ish max kitchen oven are welcome.  In a "wow, universe thanks for paying attention" moment, last night was our first pizza Friday and today in the mail arrives a pizza stone as a mother's day present from Auntie Chris. (Thanks Chris!  I hope to have perfected pizza by the time you get here in June.)

Pizza was Liam's second dinner.  First he ate fish, broccoli and raspberries, proclaiming that he didn't like pizza.  But then (an hour later when the pizza was finally, finally ready) he was prevailed upon to try some and proclaimed it "yummy!" 


Mad Hatter said...

Yay for Pizza Fridays! We used to have Burger Fridays when The Teenager was younger - I love rituals! And wow - a pizza stone! That sounds amazing - how can your pizza not turn out fabulous with that?
Happy Weekend!

Rebekah Denn said...

I was going to suggest a pizza stone, and then saw you got one!

Have you tried grilling pizza? We put it on the gas grill, which gets hotter than our oven. It works surprisingly well. You'd think it would flop around, but no.

We have friends in Snohomish who just built their own pizza oven, and we went to try it out. THAT's the way to go! But until then, the stone...

Happy Mother's Day to you. Hope you have a day filled with love.

Eb 40+ said...

When I first arrived in the US and all things were shiny and new we used to have Fizzy Fridays - leave work early and start drinking cheap fizzy white wine with dreams of the actual French stuff one day.

Now, Fridays is 'sleep in Fridays' where I don't get up at 5 to feed them!!!

Happy Mothers Day, Elizabeth.