Saturday, May 14, 2011


Pizza Friday this week featured the new pizza stone (Thanks Auntie Chris!) rigged up to accept the pizza with a combination of lots of cornmeal and a flexible plastic kids placement.  Pizza peel is in my future, I guess; although this seemed to work pretty good for something MacGyver-ed up.  Also featured vegan melty-cashew-nut-"cheese" (which is so much better than it sounds, you really must try it), made and waiting for me when I got home (Nice!).  Come to think of it, my only role in the pizza production this week was to make the dough (on Thursday night), and show up and drink a beer.  (Perfect after two super long days at work.)  And I toured Dave-the-Old-Window-and-Door-Superhero around the house to look at how to (maybe) fix our old, old windows.  Jeeze I hope we can somehow make that work.

While Dave measured windows and I watched him, Liam helped with pizza production downstairs; it was so funny to listen to.  "Wait, wait, what about over there on that part of the pizza, doesn't it get some garlic?"  "How about the mushrooms now?  What do you mean you don't like mushrooms? Oh, come on, let's eat one, see?  Good." "No, we don't have any fish right now." "Okay, let's wash your hands again."  (And again, and again.)

After pizza we went for a walk.  Down the hill, along the busy road, park on the beach, discuss the big ship (at length), pick lots of small daisies, up the nature trail through the woods, along the back alleys to home.  Chance meeting with old neighbors.  "Hi. . .you two. . .again, so nice to see you.  Yes, he's graduating next week; yes, mechanical. . .No, she's in Philadelphia now. . .Look how big Liam is."


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