Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well, that was strange. . .

I didn't mean to be gone from this space and from blog-land for almost a month. We've been busy, taken on a big yard clean-up project. Other projects. Work. My sister has been visiting for the past few weeks. At any rate. Hi. I'm going to try to be back here a little bit. I have lots of pictures stored up to share.

Today, as a little gift to you all, I submit the perfect egg to milk ratio for quiche. I made these relatively recently for a friend's spouse who was just dx with breast cancer. (Stupid cancer.) It's easy. You should have a stack of these in the freezer for the next time you don't want to cook.

I believe in all butter pie crust, use your favorite one. I use the Martha Stewart one and it always works. Put it into the tart shells and put them in the fridge to chill while you prepare the fillings. I like tomato, rosemary and feta (pictured). Also bacon, pepper and a little cheese. Other things are good too.

Get the oven ready. You want a 375 degree oven and with a sheet tray large enough to hold all your mini-quiches in the oven heating up. For real, the hot sheet tray is important.

Mix up the eggs and milk. The best ratio is 1/3 cup milk to every egg and mix it up good. I've used a lot of egg to milk ratios over the years, and this is the one that always works. Use 2% milk or better. I use whole milk because we have it on hand for Will. It's not diet food, this stuff. Pour the egg mixture over the fillings. Then, quick, quick, get your filled cold mini-quiches onto your hot sheet pan in the oven. Cook about 30 minutes or until they're done. Don't under cook.The hot sheet pan ensures a brown crispy bottom of the quiche. Essential if you're going to pop these out of the little pans and freeze them to take one-by-one into the office for lunch, which I recommend.

They freeze like a dream and can be thawed in the fridge overnight and heated in a toaster oven or thawed/heated in a microwave.

See you all soon.

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