Saturday, July 24, 2010

We shall not be moved

Music for small children as far as I can tell is an interesting mix of some new songs and A LOT of old and older songs and nursery rhymes.  On account of this, Liam comes home singing some interesting choices.  Lately, we've been hearing a lot of  "We Shall Not be Moved."  It's pretty interesting; it's an old, old song that has been picked up and used so well by so many.  As a spiritual, as a civil rights anthem, as a call to action for fair treatment of all kinds.

Here's a part of Liam's version:

And here's a completely beautiful version by Mississippi John Hurt -- really, you should listen to this, it has some of the sweetest, simplest finger-picking guitar you'll ever hear.

The classic Mavis Staple version, used here as a soundtrack to documentation of the people fighting for fair treatment and elections in Iran.  Striking.

I gotta say, I think he could be coming home singing worse things.

In other news: the next new music we're going to buy for Liam is this CD right here, and I don't know about him but I can't wait to hear it.  In the TMI department, if I could pick anyone of all time to sound like when I sing, it would for sure be Nathalie Merchant.

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