Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day I offer my intentions for a time when veterans can look back on only peaceful service, for the fast and fair resolution of conflicts small and large, and for the safety of those offering their service now. Thank you Auntie Chris and Cousin Caroline! Thank you Dave!

And for all those -- so many, and now more every day -- who have died in conflict and in service, I pray for rest for their souls and comfort for their families.

What are you doing to bring a little peace into your life today?

Liam is much better today and after helping with the flag came inside and then had waffle, strawberry and half an oreo for breakfast. (I was eating a leftover to-die-for cookie bar with my coffee and it's hard to lay down the law about no cookies for breakfast when, well, you're eating one. I went with: "this is a special treat; not for every day." I use this a lot.)

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